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Cypresstech Company

Emerges as a professional and high-end lighting designer, manufacturer and supplier established in Hong Kong and Mainland China under the Brandname ' iLighting ' since 2007. The company is also a strategic OEM/ODM partner of many organization-wide lighting brands. The company devotes herself in the development, manufacturing and marketing of green, low-carbon and energy-saving lighting products. With continuous investment on R&D .

Product Capacity

1.  Total system solution for wireless smart lighting control deploying WiFi , LoRaWan , Buletooth, Zigbee communication technologies.

2.  Total system solution for dimming lighting control deploying DALI , LONWorks, 0-10V communication technologies.

3.  Total system solution for automation sensor lighting control deploying microwave , infrared , voice , sunlight sensor control technologies.

4.  Total system solution for Dial setting lighting control.


We look to serve our client with the best quality of products and viable solutions of energy management system through intelligent system integration. Product adaptability is our strength ; continuous improvement is our norm of work and meeting customer satisfaction is our goal. 


• Excellent after-sale services

• OEM and ODM for global lighting companies.

• Flexible design and tailor-made products to suit retrofit projects


於 2007 年以“iLighting”品牌在香港和中國大陸成立,是一家專業的高端照明設計師、製造商和供應商。該公司也是許多組織的戰略 OEM/ODM 合作夥伴-廣泛的照明品牌。公司致力於綠色、低碳、節能照明產品的研發、製造和營銷。隨著研發的持續投入。


1. 部署 WiFi、LoRaWan、藍牙、Zigbee 通信技術的無線智能照明控制整體系統解決方案。

2. 調光照明控制的整體系統解決方案,採用 DALI、LONWorks、0-10V 通信技術。

3. 採用微波、紅外、語音、陽光傳感器控制技術的自動化傳感器照明控制整體系統解決方案。

4. 錶盤設置照明控制的整體系統解決方案。





• 優質的售後服務

• 為全球照明公司提供OEM 和ODM。

• 靈活的設計和量身定制的產品,以適應改造項目


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